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Connect With An Independent Midwife In London

Autumn is a lovely time to realise you’ll be expecting a new baby, giving you something to anticipate in the coming year. At Neighbourhood Midwives we can make this period even more exciting by connecting you with your own personal midwife.

Using an independent midwife could make all the difference to your antenatal and postnatal experience. From having flexible appointments to developing a personal relationship with your midwife, all of this could lead to better outcomes for you and the baby.

When looking to use a private midwife in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Neighbourhood Midwives for information about our packages.

We offer a personal, safe and convenient service for soon-to-be mothers in the capital. We can help you escape the overstretched maternity services in London, where 60% of women don’t get to see the same midwife twice and enable you to develop a genuine relationship with your midwife.

Highly dependable, our midwives can be available 24/7 and support you at every stage of the journey.

Whatever your budget might be, our services could be much more affordable than you expect. Our independent midwives are available not only in London but a wide range of other locations, including Hampshire.

 To discover more about our private midwives, simply get in touch today.

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