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So just who does decide how maternity services are organised in this country? And whose interests do they serve?

In 2012/13 maternity care cost the country £2.6 billion. The Department of Health is nominally responsible for securing value for money yet since April 2013 actual local maternity services have been commissioned by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) who are in turn overseen by NHS England. Maternity care itself is currently provided by NHS Trusts and Foundation Trusts, although theoretically other providers are eligible to provide care.

Confused? I am not surprised, so are the experts.


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Me with my mother and baby sister

I was born at home in 1954, number four of six children and my mum’s midwife was called Constance Blackshaw. The reason I know her name is because I have a very special book – The Daily Missal – printed in 1927 and with a handwritten message in the front from Constance:

May 1955: Given to Ronald Francis, to whom Uncle Will was schoolmaster, and to his daughter Rosemary, at whose birth I was nurse. Constance Blackshaw

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We are delighted to welcome you to our new website which we hope you like as much as we do!

We have lots of exciting plans for the site…. if, for example, you have just found out you are expecting a baby, you might want to visit our pregnancy portal, a ‘one stop shop’ for all your questions and pregnancy information-gathering which will be launching in the near future.

As well as planning our brand new look, Neighbourhood Midwives has been having another busy year supporting lots of new families in the way we know best, from the beginning of their journey into parenthood and with their dedicated midwife alongside them at every step, sharing in the joys and the challenges in equal measure. Have a look at ‘Your experience’  to read what some of them have to say about the service we provide, or check out some of the birth stories for a more in depth exploration of just what a difference having an important relationship with your own midwife can have on your birth experience.

If you are interested to know more about what we have to offer – and to find out what might be the right choice for you please have a look through our beautiful bouquet of care packages.

The publication of the new national guidelines in December 2014 has underlined the importance of really taking time to investigate and think through what your options are – from who will be your caregivers to where will you plan to have your baby. What the evidence shows is that the choices you make really can make a difference to your experience!

We hope you enjoy looking around our new website and, if you have any comments or have any questions, please pick up the phone to speak to any of our midwives or send us an email enquiry and we will be happy to answer them as best we can.
Annie and the team at Neighbourhood Midwives

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