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When you choose an independent midwife from Neighbourhood Midwives Independent Collective, you don’t just get kind, supportive, evidence based continuity of care. A midwife by your side walking the journey with you. Someone who will answer all your questions and be available 24/7. You also get the support and knowledge of all the midwives within the collective. We have worked together for some years now, we are there for each other clinically, professionally and personally. We support each other in urgent situations and when you ask your midwife a question or there is a problem to be solved, she has access to the collective wisdom of us all.

This means that while your independent midwife is “independent” she is not a loner but part of an established and close network committed to providing women in London and the South Coast with the very best midwifery care available.

We are all fully insured, regulated by the NMC and we complete all our regular updating as well as other types of training and development.

In short, Neighbourhood Midwives Independent Collective can be relied upon and can offer you peace of mind.

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