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Do you know about Sophrology?

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Dominique is an experienced and passionate Sophrologist specializing in stress-management, self-development, birth preparation and stresses associated with parenting . Her passion for Sophrology started at a young age having greatly benefited from the method herself and later was fortunate to train with Professor Caycedo, founder of the discipline.

With a background in Osteopathy, Dominique employs a unique balance of science and empathetic approach making good use of the mind/body connection to help her clients overcome a wide range of issues and reach their full potential. Sophrology is a gentle and efficient guided practice using relaxation, breathing,body awareness and meditation that is easy to learn and can be practiced almost everywhere. Its practice can help everyone to reach a state of balance, feel calmer and happier and prepare and feel ready for big life events.

Dominique is the Founder of BeSophro, her London based clinic where she offers 1to1 work as well as classes and workshops. Her work has notably been featured in the Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, Grazia and The Huffington Post. Her new book The Life Changing Power of Sophrology is coming out in April 2019.

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