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Our first year stats

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Neighbourhood Midwives monitor the clinical outcome of each of the births of the women in our care to ensure our service is meeting their expectations, and ensuring the continued quality of service we strive to provide.

On an annual basis, we cumulate the statistics of important markers relating to all the births under our care and are able to compare those outcomes to national statistics over a similar time period.

These figures are shown in the table below.

Whilst the actual number of births Neighbourhood Midwives attends is small in comparison to an average hospital trust, the outcomes we achieve are clearly a reflection that having a midwife you know and trust means you are more likely to have a positive birth and postnatal experience.

statistics table

*Normal birth means giving birth without help i.e. no induction, epidural, assisted or caesarean birth or episiotomy.
** Primiparous –woman having her first baby
*** Multiparous –woman having a subsequent baby