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The following is a post put out by Sara Wickham about the current Induction debate. We currently have a 32.6% induction of labour (IOL) rate with only 52.2% of women experiencing a spontaneous labour. Read Sara’s piece about how information is being manipulated and women misled.

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1 year ago today I gave birth to my second son at home ☺️ I haven’t shared his birth story until now, so here it is:

My home birth with my independent midwife.
Birth story of Chester
Born on 14/08/2018 @ 10:30am weighing 9lbs11oz

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You’ve probably heard about doulas and independent midwives, or private midwives. They are all practitioners who help and support you through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. But what’s the real difference?

Actually, the roles are distinct and the training and responsibilities of the midwife and doula are very different.  So, if you’re considering employing a doula or independent midwife, it is absolutely essential to know why and what you hope to gain from them.

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An amazing group of like minded independent midwives who provide complete continuity of care and support each other so that you have complete peace of mind.

We cover all of London and areas around Southampton.

Keeping the Neighbourhood Midwives dream alive.

Full care packages, ante and postnatal only and postnatal only. Tongue tie services. Fully insured!

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A home water birth makes a big difference to the experience of the woman but also to other members of the family. One client told this story of her experience.

“As it got darker, Toby lit candles and dimmed the lights.  He had been wonderful throughout, bringing me drinks and holding my hands through every surge, reminding me how to breathe and repeating affirmations that we’d used in our hypnobirthing relaxation practise throughout pregnancy.’

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