Neighbourhood Midwives

Why Choose our Independent Midwives?

No other journey is quite like becoming pregnant and giving birth; it can be both a beautiful and challenging time, and at Neighbourhood Midwives our independent midwives want to support you and your family at every step of the way.

With NHS services busier than ever, it is hardly surprising that increasing numbers of women look to use a private midwife instead. This way you can have the support of the same individual throughout your pregnancy and develop a proper relationship with your midwife, rather than seeing a different face every time you walk through the door.

At Neighbour Midwives we connect you with local midwives who have your best interests at heart and are truly passionate about what they do. They want to ease the stresses and strains that often occur during this period.  

All our independent midwives are fully insured and CQC registered with many years of experience.

Since our midwives are independent they can give you more of their time, resources and support than would otherwise be possible, including the most convenient appointments, one-to-one care during labour and support throughout the first six weeks with your new-born baby.

Why not speak to one of our midwives about our care today?

020 8874 6624.