Neighbourhood Midwives

Why Choose our Private Pregnancy Care in Dorset?

If you want to enjoy a consistent standard of care during your pregnancy, choosing a private midwife can make all the difference.

When you use private services for your pregnancy, your midwife is guaranteed to be there at every step of the journey, offering exceptional support during this lifechanging period.

Unlike public-sector services, you will always have the same individual supporting you throughout your pregnancy and enjoy the most convenient antenatal appointments, with bespoke care packages that always consider your individual needs.

Neighbourhood Midwives is ideal for anybody looking for independent midwives in the county of Dorset, London, and other locations in the South East. Our fully insured and CQC registered midwives can ensure your journey into motherhood is a positive one.

Choose private pregnancy care tailored to your needs.

We offer a variety of care packages: from our popular classic Rose package, which offers dedicated and unlimited 24/7 care, to our Blue Bell package which is perfect for anybody who wants flexible one-off appointments to suit your individual requirements.

Our private pregnancy care can combine a variety of services, whether it’s private scans and complementary therapies, birth preparation sessions, new-born blood spot screening or a cranial osteopathy.

To speak to an independent midwife about our care, simply call 020 8874 6624.