Neighbourhood Midwives

Why Choose Private Pregnancy Care in London?

From the moment you discover you’re pregnant, you know things are going to change forever. It’s likely a thousand questions are passing through your mind, and not just whether it will be a boy or girl!

This can be both an exciting and confusing time, but with the right support you’ll never feel alone.  

Not sure whether to choose private pregnancy care in London?

Whether it’s your first child or your third, many women don’t realise how much difference having private pregnancy care can make. It can be the difference between convenient appointments and 24/7 support and waiting around in waiting rooms for hours. It is also the difference between never seeing the same midwife twice and having the same dedicated professional throughout.

Few women in London get to see the same midwife twice, but with Neighbourhood Midwives you’ll always have one-to-one support and advice.

With our private pregnancy care, you’ll have a dedicated midwife throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Whether you’re welcoming a boy or girl into the world, you’ll have excellent care to give you the best possible outcomes. Our care is available both at home and the hospital, with excellent post-natal packages available.

Discover more reasons to choose our private care in London today.