Neighbourhood Midwives

Searching for Private Midwives in London?

Did you know there’s a wealth of evidence that women enjoy better, safer and healthier outcomes during pregnancy if they have the same dependable, experienced midwife?

Whether you want more convenient antenatal appointments or one-to one care during labour, hiring a private midwife in London can make life much easier.

Neighbourhood Midwives is ideal for anybody looking for private midwives in London who offer personalised care packages throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond. They promise to be the perfect guide throughout this important period of your life and look forward to sharing your journey with you.

Our private midwives are perfect for anyone in London who wants the same dependable midwife throughout their pregnancy.

Studies have shown that those with this kind of support are more likely to have a normal birth, less likely to need an assisted birth, and more likely to have a quicker physical recovery.

What is more, they are more likely to successfully breastfeed and less likely to a see their baby admitted to a neonatal unit. It’s therefore not surprising that more women are choosing a private service. It means enjoying the best emotional and physical support imaginable.

Why not read more about our private midwives in London? Or simply get in touch with our team today on 020 8874 6624.