Neighbourhood Midwives

Why Use A Private Midwife In Dorset & Hampshire?

Have you recently found out you’re expecting a baby in Dorset? If so, congratulations on this exciting news: you’ll never experience anything quite as special as the birth of your child, even if you have more than one pregnancy.

Every experience of carrying a child is different but having a private midwife can ensure the experience is as positive as possible. A private midwife is particularly wonderful if you’re having your first child, as they can guide you through the process and answer any questions you have.

Equally if this is number two and you had a less than great experience last time we can help.

Why use our private midwives in Dorset And Hampshire?

Our private midwives in Dorset & Hampshire can provide exceptional support, guidance and advice throughout your pregnancy and the postnatal period. We believe having a dedicated midwife is essential for enjoying a healthy and safe childbirth experience, with a private midwife available to mitigate the stress while providing first-class healthcare.

When you choose one of our private midwives, you’ll have the same individual with you throughout the course of your pregnancy. Sadly, this type of continuity is not a common experience for most women, who unfortunately never get the opportunity to know and trust one midwife.

Neighbourhood Midwives cover a wide range of locations in the UK, including Dorset & Hampshire. Although we offer a private service, we are working to increase our NHS commissioned service in the future.