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This is our mini package and is designed ideally for those women who have had a baby before and would like some additional support and continuity alongside the standard NHS care they are receiving.

Your midwives will discuss your needs with you and create a care plan based on your requirements, ensuring you have access to advice and support when you need it.


  • An initial booking appointment; a full medical history is taken, your plans and options for your pregnancy and birth are discussed.

  • Bespoke number of antenatal appointments at home; blood pressure check, urine test, listen to baby’s heartbeat and assess position and size plus an opportunity to discuss your wellbeing and any concerns you might have; these take place at agreed stages of your pregnancy. Your midwife is available to you by phone between appointments.

  • An extended birth preparation session at around 36 weeks gives you and your birth partner an opportunity to discuss your birth options, what to expect from labour and birth, your preferences in a variety of circumstances and how to prepare for the postnatal period.
  • Labour and birth midwifery care; early labour assessment and attendance at your birth from your midwives at home or in hospital, giving you one- to-one support and continuity of care throughout.

  • Postnatal midwifery care: bespoke postnatal visits from your named midwives in your own home, hospital or other named location during the first 10 days following your birth. This is in addition to standard NHS postnatal care. Care includes personal breastfeeding support.


Interested in how the midwives in the Neighbourhood Midwives Collective can advise and guide you through your pregnancy & birth? We'd love to talk with you.