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Our midwives offer safe, effective care throughout the antenatal period, birth and for six weeks postnatally. Working in small teams each midwife looks after, and is responsible for, her own caseload of women and supports her colleagues with their caseloads.

We are a young organisation but as we grow we envisage that the teams will become fully self-organising and self-managing, supported by a central hub which offers guidance, experience, leadership and administration.

Each midwife and team is responsible for building up their caseload in their local area, for example, through networking and use of social media (whilst the service is self funded). This gives the midwives many opportunities to be innovative and creative in their job roles.

We have developed effective governance structures, supported by a robust IT system, to support excellence in practice. Our evidence-based clinical guidelines are woman-centred and reflect best midwifery practice.


Conceived and developed by midwives, Neighbourhood Midwives offers a new and unique service with benefits for both women and midwives:

  • We provide our midwives with a nurturing and supportive culture, based on strong principles and values, to enable them to be safe, skilled, confident and autonomous practitioners.
  • We are an employee-owned midwifery mutual where every employee has a say in how we develop through ‘one member one vote’ and representation at board level. We are also a recognised social enterprise – which means we are a business with a clear social aim, who commits any surplus we make back into helping the business grow and achieve that social aim.
  • As an NM midwife, you will be able to organise your work/life balance. There will be a consistent cap on the maximum number in your caseload which ensures you have the time to develop meaningful relationships with the women you care for and the colleagues you work with. You will be able to arrange your working week in collaboration and partnership with your colleagues to create flexible and imaginative ways of ensuring continuity for the women in your care.
  • We offer a competitive salary, 9 weeks holiday a year and are putting in place a workplace pension. As an employee-owned enterprise our midwives benefit from and share in the success of our organisation.


Interested in how the midwives in the Neighbourhood Midwives Collective can advise and guide you through your pregnancy & birth? We'd love to talk with you.