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laura home birth

1 year ago today I gave birth to my second son at home ☺️ I haven’t shared his birth story until now, so here it is:

My home birth with my independent midwife.
Birth story of Chester
Born on 14/08/2018 @ 10:30am weighing 9lbs11oz

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You’ve probably heard about doulas and independent midwives, or private midwives. They are all practitioners who help and support you through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. But what’s the real difference?

Actually, the roles are distinct and the training and responsibilities of the midwife and doula are very different.  So, if you’re considering employing a doula or independent midwife, it is absolutely essential to know why and what you hope to gain from them.

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An amazing group of like minded independent midwives who provide complete continuity of care and support each other so that you have complete peace of mind.

We cover all of London and areas around Southampton.

Keeping the Neighbourhood Midwives dream alive.

Full care packages, ante and postnatal only and postnatal only. Tongue tie services. Fully insured!

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Essential Nutrients Whilst Breastfeeding

The first weeks with a new-born are hectic, exhausting, worrying and wonderful all at the same time. Try and remember to look after you through your diet when breastfeeding.  Whilst it’s so tempting to go for the quick and easy options, do try to increase the below to make sure you and your baby are getting the most nourishing food! And really try to limit sugar and highly processed foods that are so often nutritionally devoid.  Always organic or free range/wild if you can.

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Top 5 things you need to know about hypnobirthing. 

As covered in recent press, there’s an exciting upward trend of pregnant couples using hypnobirthing to support them in pregnancy and labour. Certain hospitals quote that nearly a quarter of all women giving birth there have taken a hyponbirthing course, whilst some midwives predict that hypnobirthing will be standard antenatal practice within a decade. This is fantastic news for the empowerment of pregnant women – but what is all the hype about? What is hypnobirthing and why should you do it?

This list could go on and on but here is a whistle stop tour of the top 5 things you need to know about hypnobirthing written by founder of Hammond Hypnobirthing, Lizzie Hammond.


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The question I get asked most often by new mums is, what is the best way to get my stomach back after having my baby?
For the last nine months your abdominals have been slowly but surely stretched and you want them to get back to where they once were. The most important thing to remember that if they took nine months to stretch, then they will take time to return to their previous state. The worst thing you could do is rush the process. I know that you see all of the pictures in the magazines of new mums getting their figures back in days, but please do take your time.
In this rush to get your ‘abs back’ a lot of people resort to all sorts of crazy exercises. It is not just a matter of heading down to your local bootcamp. This can, and usually does, cause more harm than good. So what is the best approach for beginning a postnatal exercise programme?

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Origins of the Bowen Technique

Tom Bowen (b. 1916) in Victoria, Australia devised a system of gentle, remedial therapy using rolling-type moves over a number of location points on the body to correct disturbances, areas that are blocked, injured or undergoing changes to posture. It is non-invasive and completely safe. During the 1950’s and 1960’s his clinic was recorded as having 13,000 clients per year, an average of 60 people per day. He originally called himself an osteopath or manipulative therapist, later changing the name to the Bowen Technique.

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