The most incredible experience.

A special event is an understatement! It was the most incredible experience I could have hoped for, I never could have even imagined being and feeling this elated after birth! I’m now considering becoming a full time home birth and continuity of care advocate !! It is by far one of the best decisions I could have ever made… im beyond happy to have found neighbourhood midwives and will forever be in huge debt, gratitude and grateful that I was able to still be cared for after everything that happened. It shows the determination, love, kindness, generosity, and huge incredible passion these amazing women have for women, their jobs and for the meaning and importance of bringing new life into this world. It’s made an immeasurable difference to my life, my mental health and the start to our family as four. If only I had found you for my first birth! What a different experience that would have been.

I can’t express in words how grateful I am especially to Bex and Debbie who jumped on board and supported me from the moment they met me, the time they’ve given me and just everything they’ve done for us. It was all so incredible that I now understand when women say “oh I can’t wait to do that again!” – I used to think they were crazy!! I get it now… if you have Bex and Debbie at your side along the way – you could do it everyday!! I definitely won’t be doing it again unless Bex and Debbie are there though!

Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it but there aren’t enough words so it will have to do. Thank you from the very bottom of all our hearts. Loads and loads of love and thanks from a happy mum, relieved, ecstatic and completely converted to home birth dad, exhausted and so proud big sister who asked if her baby sister was coming out of my bum when she saw her crowing(ha!!) and baby no name… one thing we still can’t seem settle on. I’ll go to sleep now because I’ve been told by Bex and Debbie to rest and I better to listen to my orders. THANK YOU!! 💕

Athena Foran

“Thank you doesn’t seem to cover it but there aren’t enough words so it will have to do.”

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