Neighbourhood Midwives

Alternatives To An NHS Midwife In London

NHS midwifery care in London can be variable and midwives, despite their commitment may feel stretched too thin at times.,

Unsurprisingly, over 60% of women don’t get to see the same midwife twice and around 40% are discharged from hospital before they feel ready. During such an important period of your life, it’s natural to want that one-on-one support.

Choosing a private midwife can offer you additional care and a more personalised service.

There are many benefits to using a private midwife in London, including the fact you can enjoy antenatal appointments at home at a time that suits you.

With a private midwife you can approach childbirth with confidence , knowing that a trusted midwife, who you know, is by your side..

If you’re looking for an alternative to NHS midwives in London, think about Neighbourhood Midwives for support throughout your pregnancy, birth and postnatal period.

We offer personalised care packages from early pregnancy, birth, and for the first six weeks after the birth.

You can have your own dedicated private midwife in London.

Neighbourhood Midwives can offer one-to-one advice, support and guidance throughout your pregnancy and the period afterwards. Your midwife will be  available to you  24/7.

Our midwives have been described as the ‘perfect guides through a challenging and beautiful experience’.

We cover a wide range of locations in London and in the South East, which are listed on our website. Discover more about our alternatives to an NHS midwife in London