Neighbourhood Midwives

Neighbourhood Midwives Closure

As of 31st of January 2019, Neighbourhood Midwives is now closed and no longer providing midwifery care.

When NM established in 2013 we knew that we were going to offer women the best midwifery care possible with a midwife they knew and trusted who would be with them all the way through their pregnancy, birth and in the weeks afterwards.   We are proud to say that since then we have had the privilege of caring for more than a thousand women.  We have provided midwives with the opportunity to work in this model within a strong, supportive framework of self-managing teams.

We thank each and every woman who chose us to be a part of their lives and gave us the privilege of being with them and their families on their maternity journey. We will never forget you.

Thanks to these women we were able to show that Neighbourhood Midwives continuity of midwifery carer model really does work for women, babies, families - and for midwives.

But, sadly this has not been enough to save our small organisation in these times of national economic uncertainty and change in NHS maternity services.

To everyone who has given us their support over the years, we are grateful for their belief in Neighbourhood Midwives and, although this particular chapter of our story is at an end, we will continue to search for ways to offer women the maternity care they want and we know we can provide. 

If you would like to know what happens next after Neighbourhood Midwives, keep an eye on our FB page.

Thank you – the NM dream lives on!


Following the closure of Neighbourhood Midwives on 31 January 2019, you may wish to know that most of our wonderful midwives will be continuing to provide the same standard of continuity of care, fully insured, as Independent Midwives. They will continue to work collectively, supporting each other and maintaining the NM values.* Most of London, Southampton and surrounding areas are covered.

Until they all have their new websites up and running you can contact them via 07956418586, or the direct numbers on the midwives’ page.


We value:

Confidence: in ourselves as practitioners and in the service we provide by being up-to-date, evidence based, reliable and holistic

Innovation: taking responsibility for developing working practices which prove other ways are possible

Growth: accomplishing significant things cooperatively

Heart: building supportive relationships through empathy and kindness combined with determination

Love: physically and emotionally nurturing women, families and each other



We are a private, independent midwifery service offering personalised care packages for women throughout their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Every woman we care for has her own dedicated private midwife to support her and her family as we know your journey into motherhood is more likely to be a positive one if you feel well supported and cared for by the same midwife throughout your pregnancy.

From convenient antenatal appointments and one-to-one care during labour, at home or in hospital, right through to those crucially important first six weeks with your newborn baby, your independent midwife will continue to give you all the advice, support and guidance you need as you settle into life with your new family.

If you have any questions, would like to talk through your personal circumstances, or need some early pregnancy advice, give us a call and we will be happy to help.

Annie and Tina literally held my hand all the way through my caesarean and after the birth they helped me so much. I will never forget how they were able to lift our spirits.


"My midwives were the perfect guides through a challenging but beautiful experience that I will treasure for the rest of my life. They were my epidural and then some"


"As soon as I had my first appointment at home with Neighbourhood Midwives, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders"