Neighbourhood Midwives

Why Use A Private Midwife In London?

Have you made the decision to use a private midwife in London?

Perhaps you’ve heard how much of a difference one-to-one care can make, or you’ve had bad experiences in the public sector in the past.

Neighbourhood Midwives are keen to take you under our wing and support you on your journey towards motherhood, providing the best imaginable physical care and emotional support available.

Our fully insured and CQR registered independent midwives look to provide a unique service to women in London which is tailored to their needs. We offer a variety of packages that can be tailored to reflect your unique requirements and preferences.

Building close and trusting relationship with our clients.

A pregnancy is a life event you never forget, and even if you have more than one child every experience you have will be different. The word midwife derives from the Nordic word for ‘with women’ and we want you to always feel supported and cared for.

We’re passionate about providing the best possible outcomes for all mothers we care for.

Pregnancy can be a real emotional rollercoaster and having a private midwife means having someone to hold your hand the whole way.

Our private midwives are dedicated to ensuring it’s as positive a experience as possible. We love seeing women through all stages of the process, from pregnancy and birth to the postnatal period, and all our midwives believe it’s a huge privilege to be part of your journey.

Why not find out more about our private midwives today?