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Neighbourhood Midwives monitor the clinical outcome of each of the births of the women in our care to ensure our service is meeting their expectations, and ensuring the continued quality of service we strive to provide.

On an annual basis, we cumulate the statistics of important markers relating to all the births under our care and are able to compare those outcomes to national statistics over a similar time period.

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Angelique Panagos High Res (Medium)

Angelique Panagos is a nutritional therapist who works closely with her colleagues in South Molton Street, Mayfair, W1K 5SL to provide clients with a truly holistic approach to lifestyle and health. Neighbourhood Midwives are delighted to welcome her as our guest writer to share her thoughts on nutrition in pregnancy.

After the initial elation of confirming a pregnancy, every new mum-to-be is soon being bombarded with a whole litany of do’s and don’ts about what they should and shouldn’t be eating.  The foods eaten during pregnancy are the sole source of all the building blocks your baby needs to develop and grow. It is clearly vital that your diet is given some thought; here is your own pregnancy nutrition guide.

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We are delighted to read the new updated NICE Intrapartum Guidance for care of healthy women and their babies during childbirth. We welcome the recommendations which underline the importance of increasing the range of choices available for women particularly in where they choose to have their baby.

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