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An interview with Katie Selman: mother of three and ex-client.


What made you decide to choose an Independent midwife?

During my mid twenties, I was working in a large office with lots of women who were pregnant or had young children. I heard stories from them of the situations they’d faced at hospital during their births or post-natal period that filled me with dread. I was living in Wandsworth, known as Nappy Valley due to its high birth rate so I didn’t need much convincing that the local hospitals were overrun and unable to cope with the many women passing through their doors. As a child, I had had a bad experience at hospital and still as an adult, was highly uncomfortable in hospital or clinical environments so I was worried about going into hospital in labour and shutting down.

By chance, I saw an article about Annie from NM in the local SW Magazine. The headline was “One woman, one midwife” which summed up all my concerns. I kept it and once I was pregnant, I called Annie and we met to discuss the options. I still remember that first meeting. It turned out she had delivered a baby on our house with previous owners!

There was no question from then on that we would have an independent midwife looking after us. The care during my pregnancy was superb and I stopped seeing my NHS midwife after my 21wk scan – I simply didn’t need to as I had all I needed in Annie and my second midwife, Tina. Initially I had been planning a hospital birth with Annie attending, but as the time drew near, I strongly felt I wanted to be at home if I could be and that is testament to the relationship I had built with Annie and Tina.

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Neighbourhood Midwives will have a stall at Northcote Fair this Sunday. It’s the perfect opportuntiy to come and talk to us about your pregnancy & birth, ask us questions and find out about our care.

Please find the details of the event here:

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We want to celebrate our second birthday in style by giving away this fantastic selection of some of our favourite mum and baby products. It is available to anyone who books with us for either our Daisy, Rose or Orchid full care package throughout July and August. All of these products are beautifully made, environmentally sound and eminently usable.

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We are delighted to be planning our 2nd birthday celebrations and to celebrate we have organised a picnic in Battersea Park (SW11 4PA) on Sunday 5th July. All the information is in the invite attached. Please come with friends or family, it will be a lovely afternoon (wall to wall sunshine has been pre-ordered) and we are planning some musical entertainment, birthday cake and a glass of fizz to celebrate!

NM 2nd Birthday Picnic invite smaller file-01

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Providing a woman with continuity of midwifery care in pregnancy and birth has been shown to significantly improve outcomes for mothers and babies (Cochrane, 2013)[1]. For a woman with mental health issues, the type of care Neighbourhood Midwives offers is invaluable in that it provides her not only with the clinical care she needs but also the necessary psychological and emotional support which can help prepare her for birth and to bring up her child, especially in the face of social inequality.
Giving the best possible physical, emotional and social care during this period may even help break the cycle of deprivation that is common where mothers face additional mental health and/or other challenges.

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Neighbourhood Midwives have just finished a series of Parenting Courses commissioned by Wandsworth CCG. They have been very well received and have proved popular with new mums who have enjoyed meeting other mums and babies in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

“It was fantastic and a wonderful opportunity. Really good to connect with other mums.”

A further 12 courses are planned in 2015/16 across the Battersea area.
The courses comprise of 5 x 2 hour sessions held during the day and include: First Aid; baby massage; nutrition and weaning; parenting ideas as well as keeping healthy and well after a baby.
Any new mum who has a baby under 6 months and who is registered with a Battersea GP, can ask to be referred at her local practice.

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