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I had wanted to have a Lotus birth…

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Corina and Cheryl were my midwives and I saw them regularly since about week 5 of my pregnancy. We clearly discussed how I wanted the birth to be completely natural, I had wanted to be the first person to touch my child and for the birth to be in water, and I had wanted to have a Lotus birth.

Although labour took 3 days and at times I was desperate to go to hospital, if I had another baby I would do it the same way at home. I’m sure giving birth naturally (apart from gas and air) is why I healed so quickly and why I felt and still feel so empowered by the experience. Jasper is an incredibly calm and content baby and I often wonder if this is because we birthed him so naturally.

I will be forever grateful for the strength, wisdom and love that both my midwives showed me, because of them I got to experience the birth I had wished for even though it took 3 days to get there!.