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NM Statistics: Waltham Forest NHS Practice

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Based on the first 100 women cared for by NM NHS WF Team between November 2016 – November 2017. These women are all low risk and self refer into the service.

Comparisons are made with the most recently available data. Not all national data is collected annually (‘Normal birth’ data have not been updated since 2014).


NMWF stats

*Normal birth means giving birth without help i.e. no induction, epidural, assisted or caesarean birth or episiotomy.

** Primiparous – woman having her first baby

*** Multiparous – woman having a subsequent baby

These data are out of women who were low risk at the start of labour care, some women  developed risk factors during pregancy and were excluded from the ‘normal birth’ rate data.

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NM Waltham Forest Practice Statistics and National Statistics Comparison Table — January 2018