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Pure Pregnancy Gift Giveaway 10th-19th June 2016

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Neighbourhood Midwives is a private independent midwifery service offering you your own dedicated midwife to provide you with complete continuity of care throughout the pregnancy, birth and postnatal period. This type of care has been shown to produce safer outcomes for women and babies.

Would you like to increase your chance of a straightforward birth?

A chance to avoid interventions and problems?

Neighbourhood Midwives is dedicated to helping women to achieve a positive experience.
Our Gift is an online booklet packed with a multitude of

“Ideas for a Straightforward Birth”

Tried and trusted, top tips and ideas from Neighbourhood Midwives on how you can enhance your chances of having a straightforward birth. In addition you can receive a free personal consultation plus 10% discount on all of our packages.

To download the booklet please click on the link: Ideas for a straightforward birth

To enquire about our packages and receive a 10% discount please email: