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Welcome to the Neighbourhood Midwives pregnancy portal. This section details frequently asked questions for the topics listed above (pregnancy, birth, postnatal and breastfeeding).

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Pregnancy usually lasts 40 weeks and the embryo develops within the first 8 weeks of pregnancy. The pregnancy topic covers frequently asked questions about pregnancy.


Many women worry about not getting to their place of birth in time or worrying that the midwife will not make it for their home birth. The birth topic covers frequently asked questions about birth.


So, you have had your lovely baby and now what? Maybe you have a lot of friends and family eager to meet the new arrival or maybe you have decided to have a babymoon. During the first few weeks as you and your baby get to know each other, you will go through some pretty major changes. You will still be under the care of your Neighbourhood midwife for those first few weeks and she will be there to answer all your questions and concerns.

Breast feeding

Breastfeeding brings so many health benefits for you and your baby and in the long run breastfeeding is the easy option involving less work. Like every new skill it takes a while to get it right for both you and your baby but it is worth it.